The 2024 Adult Golf Instruction Season for All Skill Levels with LPGA Professional Marian Geist

Don’t Waste Years Playing Trial and Error Golf. Avoid Common Pitfalls So Golf Can Be Fun Instead of Frustrating.

  • Are you thinking you’ve created so many bad habits it may take years to fix?
  • Does trying to play consistent golf seem hard or frustrating?
  • Do you fear looking foolish as a beginner golfer?
  • Have you invested loads of money on golf lessons but didn’t improve?
  • Do you neglect practice because you don’t really understand how or what to do?
  • Ever feel like you still have beginner-level-skill even though you’ve been playing for decades?
  • Are you under the impression that hitting balls at the range will help you build solid golf swing mechanics?
  • Are you spending hundreds of hours and a good bit of money at the range and still feel frustrated?

If you answered “yes” even once, I can help you relax and enjoy your golf experience immensely.

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Still guessing? Playing trial and error golf?
Maybe it’s time for a different strategy!

Golf should add joy and positivity to your life. If not something is wrong. Some golfers wander aimlessly through years of golf lessons and range practice yet are mostly frustrated about their golf experiences.

You can avoid this negativity.

Get clear about how to manage your body to swing your clubs effectively. You can start as soon as March 28th to make your golf a thrilling, enjoyable lifetime activity.

"I'd love to be a part of your SUCCESS story!" ~ Marian Geist