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Golf Lessons With LPGA Teaching Professional Marian Geist

Make Sure Your Golf Lessons Include A Plan

Golfers often feel frustrated because of information overload, inconsistent performance, and physical limitations. Golf lessons that address only symptoms with band-aid-like tips will waste time and money. And what’s worse, they will add to your upset.

Whether your golf lessons with me are in-person at Renditions Golf Course or online, I will identify the root causes of your problems. Next I will design and explain a plan so you can train your problems away.

Having a plan can transform your game AND mindset. Frustration will lift and enthusiasm will set in.



In 1 HOUR you will move your game forward and feel motivated to make lasting improvements fast. This lesson is for all skill levels. Audio/video lesson notes are included. OFFER FOR NEW YGS CLIENTS ONLY – $75.

5 Week Bubble Program

For new golfers eager to play or veteran golfers who want quick results, this package includes 6 HOURS of full swing, short game, and on the course instruction plus audio/visual notes for practice. Transform your game. $299 (reg. $459)

I am conveniently located at Renditions Golf Course just west of Annapolis. Love my coaching but not my location? I have fabulous online technology and a proven track record of coaching golfers anywhere in the country towards their potential.


Marian Geist
LPGA Teaching Professional
Corrective Exercise Specialist


Marian Geist
LPGA Teaching Professional
NASM-CPT, Corrective Exercise Specialist
1380 W. Central Ave.
Davidsonville, MD 21035
Call or Text: 833-465-3911



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