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Most golfers are frustrated by inconsistent performance or physical limitations. I offer in-person and online instruction to identify and address faulty issues so golfers can have fun again, be excited about their progress, and move on to realize their potential.

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Met Marian as a 24+ handicap with an aching back. Moreover, I just wanted to hit the ball as hard and as far as I could-that’s what made me happy! Marian didnt try to convince me to focus on putting like the hubby did, she understood and helped me see that both the swing and the back were fixable! Tight hip flexors corrected with some stretches I did at home and a glitch in the swing from my college field hockey days were to blame for lots of it! After 2 years I got down to a 14 handicap and the back only twitches when I don’t heed her great advice. Best part? After my 1st lesson I went home all energized about what I had learned and the hubby said “That’s great! Did you hit a thousand balls?” And I said “Nope, only about 5!” Marian is the best! She has my highest recommendation and I’m so grateful for all she’s done to help me feel empowered on the golf course. What a difference going out there armed with knowledge!



I am conveniently located at Renditions Golf Course in the Washington DC/Baltimore/Annapolis area. Love my coaching but not my location? Having fabulous technology allows me to help golfers everywhere (monolingual – English).

Marian Geist, LPGA Teaching Professional
1380 W. Central Ave.

Davidsonville, MD 21035
Text: 833-465-3911



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