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Golf Lessons With LPGA Teaching Professional Marian Geist

Make Sure Your Golf Lessons Include A Plan

What’s the anatomy of great golf lessons? Most importantly, valuable instruction should include many questions posed by both the instructor and the golfer. Then, discovering what the golfer wants and the anticipated timeline of the golfer are fundamental. This timeline is critical and needs to be ambitious yet reasonable. After this the major barriers to the golfer’s goals need to be identified and prioritized.

Since great golf lessons should never waste the golfer’s time or money, addressing symptoms with band-aids or tips is a major no-no. Therefore, the instructor must be able to define the source(s) of the two major barriers. If any root cause is a dysfunctional movement pattern — which it often is — the instructor better have a sound understanding and vast knowledge of human body mechanics.

Moreover, golf lessons should respect the golfer’s intelligence and include a comprehensive explanation — with video — of the intended plan. In my opinion, this intended plan should be negotiable. After all, golfers are the CEOs of their golf game while the instructor functions as consultant. Finally, all golf lessons should conclude with a simple training recipe of prescribed focused bursts of training repetitions to transform the golfer’s status quo by removing two major barriers. This recipe ought to train the new pieces as well as integrate these new actions into the whole movement.

Let’s face it. New golfers and seasoned golfers are often frustrated. They complain about information overload, inconsistent performance, and physical limitations. That’s why I offer golfers a simple 4-minute a day plan in golf lessons at Renditions GC or online to systematically transform their game so they can feel eager and prepared to join their friends on the course.


In 1 HOUR you will begin to move your game forward and feel motivated to make lasting improvements fast. This lesson is  perfect for golfers of all skill levels. Audio/video lesson notes are included. OFFER FOR NEW YGS CLIENTS ONLY.

5 Week Bubble Program

For new golfers eager to play or veteran golfers who want quick results, this package includes 6 HOURS of full swing, short game, and on the course instruction plus audio/visual notes for practice. Transform your game. $299 (reg. $459)

I am conveniently located at Renditions Golf Course just west of Annapolis. Love my coaching but not my location? I have fabulous online technology and a proven track record of coaching golfers anywhere in the country towards realizing their potential.


Marian Geist
LPGA Teaching Professional
Corrective Exercise Specialist


Marian Geist
LPGA Teaching Professional
NASM-CPT, Corrective Exercise Specialist
1380 W. Central Ave.
Davidsonville, MD 21035
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