Golf Instruction and Coaching with LPGA Professional Marian Geist at Renditions Golf Course

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What Is the Difference Between Golf Instruction and Coaching?

Golf Instruction and Coaching by Marian Geist, LPGA Professional

Many use these terms interchangeably. However they are very different. Golf instruction provides important information and feedback. However coaching is a commitment between golfer and coach. Then a plan is created. Therefore, coaching goes beyond instruction. Having an objective coach offers significant advantages. This is because it’s often difficult fo hold ourselves accountable. Choosing between instruction and coaching also depends on a golfer’s experience and skill level.

Opting for Golf Instruction or Coaching as a New Golfer

Beginners need information and feedback to create consistent fundamentals. It can seem overwhelming at the start. However this passes quickly. Joining friends on the golf course has been a long-awaited goal for many. Professional instruction can get golfers on the course quickly.

Instruction Is Better for Newcomers with One Exception

Golf instruction should be a top priority for beginners. Plan to get the best start possible. It’s an investment for a lifetime. Consider an initial private or a small group lesson. Find a compatible instructor. You might call and request a brief phone chat. Explain your situation. Ask how they can help. 

Alternatively, coaching can be beneficial. For example, you may have an upcoming golf event or want to play on vacation. It often includes instruction. However, coaching is more comprehensive. It is custom-designed around the golfer’s circumstances. The sole intent is to produce the desired results within a specified time period.




DIYers and Trained Golfers Have Different Instruction and Coaching Needs

Many golfers are self-taught. Some get decent results early on. So they continue with trial and error. However many of them get stuck at a certain performance level. Therefore they begin to tweak things. As a result they can become wildly inconsistent. Frustration often sets in. Conversely, many golfers began with regular instruction. They built consistent fundamentals. Subsequently, they made great improvement. So these two groups of golfers would benefit from different next steps.


Self-Taught Golfers Need Instruction

Private lessons are the best next steps for self-taught golfers. Most DIYers have relied on athleticism and hand-eye coordination. A few lessons can help them better understand their errors and corrections. Swing analysis and on-going practice prescriptions should be top priorities. Afterwards, a bit of coaching could be invaluable to ensure the discipline and accountability necessary to make the corrections stick. Additionally it could enhance the golfer’s ability to analyze their swing and troubleshoot errors. As a result the self-taught golfer can improve their future performance.


Highly Trained Players Improve Better with Coaching

Golfers who are highly motivated with sound fundamentals rarely need swing instruction. Less is more for these players. However, coaching can help them in a variety of other ways. It can help to clarify intent, use resources more efficiently, and develop a strategy. While these golfers are usually self-motivated, a coach can ensure accountability for producing results. 

Golf Lessons with LPGA Professional Marian Geist at Renditions Golf Course

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Get More From Your Golf Experience.

It’s no secret that golf can be really frustrating. Ask anyone who plays. But it doesn’t have to be. It can be an exhilarating journey toward self-mastery. I know that might sound like an exaggeration but it’s true.

To set yourself up for success, the journey begins by answering the question “Why do you want to play golf?” It’s perfectly fine to have multiple reasons. Most do. The next step is to create a plan and begin. Not everyone seeks help from a professional at the outset, but it can save you time and money.

Many fear learning to play golf will take too much time and money. If you don’t have a plan, it might. But an efficient plan can minimize your investment considerably.

The winter season is an ideal time to start. Take advantage of reduced daylight and poor outdoor weather. Learn in the comfort of your home or office in a few minutes each day. By the time the weather breaks you’ll be fully prepared for range practice.

Whether your golf lessons are in-person at Renditions Golf Course this spring or online this winter, I can help you create an efficient plan, guide you through it, and be available for on-going feedback.

I’ve developed  a process that makes sense and produces results.

I am conveniently located at Renditions Golf Course just west of Annapolis. Love my coaching but not my location? I have fabulous online technology and a proven track record of instructing and coaching golfers anywhere in the country toward their potential. Book an in-person or online lesson today.


I am conveniently located at Renditions Golf Course just west of Annapolis. Love my coaching but not my location? I have fabulous online technology and a proven track record of coaching golfers anywhere in the country towards their potential. Book an online lesson above.