Golf Lessons With LPGA Teaching Professional Marian Geist

Get in the Game. Be Your Best. Stay in the Game. 

Do You Have A Plan For Your Game? Is It Working For You?

Golfers often feel frustrated because of information overload, inconsistent ball striking, and physical limitations. Golf lessons that address only symptoms with band-aid-like tips are a waste of time and money. They can add to your upset.

Whether your golf lessons with me are in-person at Renditions Golf Course or online, I’ll identify the root cause(s) of your issues. Then I will design and explain a plan so you can train your problems away.

Having a plan can transform your game AND mindset. A plan will save you time and money. You’ll be able to move forward with enthusiasm instead of feeling stuck and frustrated.



In 1 HOUR you will move your game forward and feel motivated to make lasting improvements fast. This lesson is for all skill levels. Audio/video lesson notes are included. Offer Available Through 10/27/19 For New YGS Clients Only – $75. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

Online Golf Lessons With Video

This is for anyone who has either hit balls at the range or played at least 9 holes of golf. These lessons take place LIVE with me on the internet and include a downloadable video — no note taking! This is a quick route to improvement. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED.

I am conveniently located at Renditions Golf Course just west of Annapolis. Love my coaching but not my location? I have fabulous online technology and a proven track record of coaching golfers anywhere in the country towards their potential.


Marian Geist
LPGA Teaching Professional

1380 W. Central Ave.
Davidsonville, MD 21035
Call or Text: 833-465-3911