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What Golfers Are Saying...

I’ve worked with Marian over the past 15 years and she is an amazing golf instructor and coach. She has the ability to communicate golf instructions in a simple, clear and realistic manner that is easily understood and adoptable. In addition to instructing me on golf swing mechanics, she helps me diagnose my faults and understand how to fix them. This is a tremendous benefit when you’re playing golf and your game is falling apart. I can hear her voice saying "When this happens, check this." This mental exercise can stop my game from spiraling downward and give me the confidence to rebound. My game is much improved because of her coaching and my hard work.


Met Marian as a 24+ handicap with an aching back. Moreover, I just wanted to hit the ball as hard and as far as I could-that’s what made me happy! Marian didnt try to convince me to focus on putting like the hubby did, she understood and helped me see that both the swing and the back were fixable! Tight hip flexors corrected with some stretches I did at home and a glitch in the swing from my college field hockey days were to blame for lots of it! After 2 years I got down to a 14 handicap and the back only twitches when I don’t heed her great advice. Best part? After my 1st lesson I went home all energized about what I had learned and the hubby said "That’s great! Did you hit a thousand balls?" And I said "Nope, only about 5!"

Marian is the best! She has my highest recommendation and I’m so grateful for all she’s done to help me feel empowered on the golf course. What a difference going out there armed with knowledge!


Marian Geist is, by far, the most competent, passionate, and detailed golf instructor I have ever had the pleasure of taking lessons with. She takes the time to explain each part of a good golf swing, verbally and visually. She gives you exercises to work on to help you improve your golf swing and help your body move more flexibly for golf. She continues to study and improve her instruction capabilities with newly perfected technology and concepts. From a new golfer to a seasoned golfer, she has what it takes to help you improve your game. Best golf decision you could make!

South Carolina

I have worked with Marian Geist for a number of years and how found her to be the most complete and helpful golf coach and instructor i’ve ever worked with. She has incredible patience and understands more importantly how the body works in conjunction with the swing. i have had lessons in the past and none have compared to the quality of instruction that Marian has provided me over the years. i am a much better player because of Marian Geist.

In addition to her working with me, Marian has been my daughter’s swing coach all throughout her high school and college carrier. Marian has not only been an incredible mentor to her while she was maturing in high school but has given her both wonderful guidance and inspiration as an up and coming young lady and junior golfer. She new believes so much more in herself on course because of Marian’s thorough teachings and guidance. I’ve always considered Marian an incredible asset to those who enjoy the game of golf and a wonderful friend.


I learn something every time I take a lesson and I have been taking lessons from Marian for I think 10 years. She doesn’t try to change everything in your swing in one lesson. She disects your entire body and swing and recommends ways to make you more efficient and better slowly. She has the patience of a Saint and never tires of you doing the same thing wrong over and over again. She takes each person individually in every group lesson and gives you plenty of attention and time even when there are 10 in the group lesson.

I would highly recommend Marian Geist to anyone of any age! She is awesome!!!!!


How many ways does Marian Geist make for an outstanding instructor….
Knowledgeable – Professional – Respectful – Person skills – Reliable – Fun to be with.

All of these qualities Marian has and demonstrates to every client, regardless of their skill level. Her methods of teaching by first talking to the client, listening to their experiences, and analyzing the best work-out plan for them is outstanding. Over the years, I’ve taken golf instructions from several providers from Florida, North Carolina, and Maryland. Marian’s techniques exceed their methods. She provides terminology that connects to the brain to then produce successful results. To put it simply–Marian Geist is the best!!


I am a 64 year old male golfer that first went to Marian (recommended by another golfer) back in 2013. I am a frequent participant in Marian’s Rockers (over 50) program. Her knowledge, demeanor, and creativity have taken me from a hack to someone who is now consistently shooting in the 80’s. Marian has coached me thru bad habits and back pain, while also increasing my mental approach to golf. Marian has helped enhance every aspect of my game thru her innovative programs. Her on-course lessons are phenomenal. She also tailors in her teaching the proper physical facets for each individual which helps create longevity in the game. I have tried multiple golf pros, gimmicks, tricks over the years, and Marian’s approach has by far provided me with the most improvement and enjoyment in the game!


Marian has an uncanny way of recognizing the most crucial part of my golf swing that I should focus on improving without overwhelming me with too many details. Marian explains the importance of the swing element that we focus on during each lesson. One element builds onto the next from lesson to lesson.

North Carolina

Marian has shown to me over the years to have a true passion in teaching her students the right way to learn the golf swing. She is able to break down the proper swing in building blocks in a step by step fashion, so I’m not overwhelmed at any point. She easily communicates and relates the golf swing to other sports, or activities that I may understand. Her follow up to ensure you understand a certain new movement helps me stay focused on what’s needed to improve.

She is very concerned in not just teaching the golf swing, but also helps with the proper physical and mental aspects for consistent improvement. Marian is not doing this for a “one and done”, but truly wants to give you the proper tools for a lifetime of golf.


Marian is the best coach I have ever had. She goes out of her way to get to know her clients and work within their limitations. She helps them understand the golf swing frame by frame, from tee to green. She also teaches the mental side of the game. Marian puts her clients in situations (on course & range training) from playing a particular dogleg hole to a friendly match play.


I’ve had coaches in the past who have advice as to ball placement etc. Marian goes beyond that with the WHY. This is important when playing a round and your game goes off the rails. Coaching isn’t helpful if it only works when the coach is there. With Marian’s methods you can self correct or another player can help if they’ve had instruction from Marian. I also like her take on driving ranges. i.e. generally little help unless you move through your clubs like you were playing a hole.


Her methods make sense! Her instructional videos offer tips that will definitely improve your game. Her one-on-one sessions are backed up with a personal video that targets areas of needed improvement based on your individual session. I’m a new golfer… About a year and a half in the game… She helped me tremendously with specifics that I can incorporate into my game and which have helped me improved from a regular score of 10 or more to an occasional par. That’s a heck of an improvement. The putting session I had with her gave me so many ways to improve my game that I’m now 2 and 3 putting – before I was doing well to get 5 putts.


I came to golf from decades of playing softball, and had the swing to match. I tried several golf instructors. Marian was the only one willing, knowledgeable, and patient enough to lead me through all necessary physical and mental changes to develop a simple, repeatable swing. Her depth of understanding of all aspects of the game and how to train your body to move correctly is as phenomenal as her ability to connect and coach.


She is the most knowledgeable, qualified, prepared, and caring golf and fitness instructor I have ever had. I have been taking lessons from Marian for the last 12 years. Her programs are fabulous covering every aspect of the game and fitness in group lessons, playing lessons, and individual lessons. She is a master teacher concentrating on every golf shot from tee to green including fairway bunkers, hitting out of the rough, and even hitting around and over trees.
Marian makes everything fun, even while putting her students in stressful situations that we all encounter on the golf course. She is so encouraging and helpful; she is always available for any problems I have had. I have her voice in my head every time I play golf.


Marian has convinced me that she loves the game of golf. She has a thirst to learn as much as she can about the game and gets genuine joy out of sharing her knowledge and experience with her students. She has worked with me as an individual and as part of small group sessions for a few years. Her teaching technique has a good balance of praise and advice. Marian speaks clearly and is easy to understand. I have found that if I follow her direction, my game shows improvement. I always look forward to the time I spend with her. Her students are fortunate.


Marian is knowledgeable, thorough and an extremely great instructor in all aspects of the golf swing and game. Most importantly, with her extensive knowledge of the bio-mechanics of movement, she is able to break the most complicated physical motions into repeatable components that can be worked on separately. She then integrates these components into a reliable, repeatable swing to help build confidence in golfers, whether they are beginners or seasoned veterans. Marian’s instruction is the best I’ve ever experienced!


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