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LPGA Girls Golf Club of Anne Arundel County
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LPGA Golf Instructors Offer New Golf Technologies For 2017

Near, far, wherever you are ... welcome to Your Golf Solutions!

  • LPGA Professional Golf Instruction
  • Tathata Golf State-of-the-Art Movement Training
  • Junior and Seniors' Programs
  • Physical & Mental Golf Fitness Training
  • Empowering Strategies for YOUR Golf Longevity
  • Remote Video Training

What's important to consider when selecting a golf instructor?

  • Affordability
  • Ability to coach instead of "teach"
  • Accessibility and interest in you as a person
  • Provides high return for your time, energy, and financial investment
  • Experience and education
  • Empowering versus dependent working relationship
  • Demonstrates exceptional communication skills

We are dedicated to those we serve. In ONLY ONE LESSON you will be enlightened with a clear sense of what is needed to reach your desired performance objectives.

Our location makes it convenient for those interested in taking golf lessons in the Washington DC, Baltimore, and Annapolis areas. If you are outside our geographic area, (contact Marian now) we can still empower you to experience your golf greatness.