What Is Tathata Golf?

Supplying The Missing Link To Golf Instruction

1) What is Tathata Golf Movement Training?
It’s a breakthrough in golf instruction and learning for all golfers – new, beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Rooted in martial arts principles, this training results in greater strength and balance which creates better ball contact. This movement training results in more consistency and is presented in a strategically-designed, self-paced 60-Day program inside a Tathata Golf membership.

2) Will Tathata Golf training interfere with my prior instruction and my current golf skill?
There will be changes. It will make your good and poor swings better. Tathata Golf will accelerate where you are now in your learning curve. 

3) Can I just do some of the 60-Day program?
How much of the program you complete is your choice. We encourage completion of the training. It’s self-paced. You can complete it in 30 days or whittle away at it throughout your membership. We have thoroughly vetted this program and highly recommend it. Yes, we have completed an extensive and comprehensive movement specialist training and are available to guide and support you. You will discover the missing links to the instruction our industry offers.

4) How do I get the Tathata Golf  membership?
You purchase it directly from Tathata Golf . You can enroll in a 7- day FREE TRIAL and/or purchase the membership. In either case, upon checkout, enter:  yourgolfsolutions  in the COUPON CODE box for a discount. 

5) Do you incorporate Tathata Golf in your traditional golf instruction?
Absolutely, some Tathata Golf principles can easily be incorporated. Some cannot. As golf professionals, we understand the pieces that will improve your conventional swing and those which will be counterproductive. If you are local to Annapolis, MD, feel free to schedule a lesson with us to experience what it can do for your swing in just 45-minutes. If you are not local, you can set up an online lesson by emailing Marian@yourgolfsolutions.com

6) What is your involvement in Tathata Golf?
We enrolled as students in the summer of 2016 to thoroughly vet it. After completing the third chapter, we were blown away by the possibilities for golfers of all skill levels and enrolled into their Certified Movement Specialist program. We highly recommend it to motivated golfers. It is simply the best investment you could make in your golf game – second to working with us!

7) Do you have questions?
Feel free to schedule a 10-minute complimentary DISCOVERY CALL with Marian HERE.