Tathata Golf – Revolutionizing Golf Instruction

1) What is Tathata Golf Movement Training?
It is a recent breakthrough in golf instruction and learning. Tathata Golf is based upon martial arts principles to create strength, balance, and safety throughout the golf swing, and presented in a strategically-designed 60-Day self-paced program.

2) Will TG interfere with the instruction I have already received and the skill I currently possess?
No, it will enhance where you are now in your learning curve. You will make some changes. You will understand why. You will no longer guess. You will no longer try a particular tip one week and another tip the next.

3) Can I just do some of the 60-Day program?
That is your choice. We encourage completion of the training. We have thoroughly vetted this instruction and endorse it 100% and have completed an extensive and comprehensive instructor training. We are available to guide and support you on an as needed basis. We are excited about this technology and believe the missing link(s) to golf instruction have been found and incorporated into this 60-Day training program.You will realize benefits in your short game, full swing, mental game, and physical preparedness.

4) How do I get the Tathata Golf 60-Day Program?
You purchase it directly from Tathata Golf. The 60-day in home program (digital streaming version) will be available to you immediately online. You must purchase the online version — we offer free videos  and a discount through our link .and then you have the option,

5) Will you incorporate Tathata Golf principles in your conventional golf instruction?
Absolutely, Tathata Golf principles can easily be incorporated especially since several aspects are, indeed, the missing links in conventional golf learning. We will always offer what we believe to be the best to our golfers and stay abreast of cutting-edge developments. We believe that every golfer — regardless of gender, age, or skill level — should complete the Tathata Golf 60-Day Training Program — because it IS the best that the golf industry has to offer.

6) How can I find out more about Tathata Golf?
Go to their web site … look around … read the info … and look at a FREE video or two. We think you will be motivated and confident to step forward into the world of “having all of your questions answered — once and for all!”

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