Off With The Layers! 

Practicing and playing golf in cold weather can be challenging. You may have tried the standard “dress in layers” or maybe even some long underwear. Perhaps some days you tried to brave the cold with a light wind jacket.

None of these strategies worked. Golfing in the cold on those days was not fun. The layers restricted the swing you have worked so hard to improve.

And the wind jacket just wasn’t enough to keep you from freezing and losing your concentration. In the end the cold won and you were left frustrated with a less than stellar scorecard. 

I often hear, “It just wasn’t fun playing golf today – my ears were frozen.

The weather was miserable!”


3 Low Cost Solutions For Golfing In The Cold 


1) FootJoy Winter HeadBand – Unisex $12

I have used several different brands of headbands over the years. None compares. It works well for and looks great on men and women. Feel naked without a ball cap? Place the headband over your cap. It will keep your cap from being blown off by the wind. You will be amazed how much warmer your body feels when your ears and head are warm.  You stay comfortable and your swing stays consistent.


2) Turtle Fur Neck Warmer – $15

Cold temps and wind become so much more tolerable when wearing this neck warmer.  Wearing a turtleneck top does not even approach the comfort this accessory offers. Every golfer who plays in temperatures below 60 degrees should have one. Having a chilly wind blowing on your neck while you attempt to remain focused on your golf is nearly impossible. For ZERO sacrifice in the ability to move with ease, you can boost your comfort level – for cheap.


3) FootJoy WinterSof Pair – $22

It ought to go without saying but I’ll say it anyway.  A pair of quality winter golf gloves is essential for comfort and performance. I am partial to FootJoy — not only because of the comfort factor but the durability and streamline fit. Protecting your hands from the cold will insure your grip on the club. You will find these gloves will not even interfere with your putt.  A must have.


Golfing in the cold can be funFor about $50 you can significantly increase your comfort level when playing in cold weather without having to alter your swing or sacrifice enjoyment.

If you play where temperatures could drop below 60, store these accessories in your golf bag. Stay prepared for unexpected weather changes.  

Once you tee off… you’ll be glad you did!