Play Golf Quickly with an Online 6-Week Tutorial. Anyone Can Avoid a Prolonged, Frustrating Learning Curve.


Develop a fun, respectable game. Get on the golf course with your friends quickly. Begin with a healthy mindset. Define success for yourself. Playing successful golf does not require years of experience. On the other hand, years of experience don’t guarantee successful golf either. 

Frustrating or embarrassing play can erode confidence. It can also undermine your performance. Therefore, be adequately prepared.  For instance, comprehensive training should include the ability to:

  • Define personal objectives.
  • Create a healthy mindset.
  • Display sound swing mechanics.
  • Understand proper practice habits.
  • Acquire playing strategies that work.


How Golfers Learn to Play Impacts Their Long-term Satisfaction and Enjoyment

There are ways to play golf quickly that work and don’t work. For instance, most new golfers enthusiastically buy or borrow a set of clubs. Then they rush to the driving range or golf course. They are unprepared, These golfers usually struggle for a lifetime. Unless they give up and quit . And many do.

Likewise many veteran, but unskilled golfers used trial and error in the beginning too. However they hung in there . They didn’t give up. They relied on YouTube videos, tips from friends, or a few scattered lessons. However they had no plan or guided process. Unfortunately these golfers often remain unskilled and frustrated for years (or decades).

Playing fun, respectable golf eludes many golfers forever. It’s unfortunate. It’s totally preventable. With this tutorial new golfers will be able to avert a steep learning curve. At the same time, this program can help veteran golfers rehab their game.


How Golfers Can Avoid a Steep Learning Curve and Frustrating Play

When golfers lack essential training elements, they fall short of consistent, successful play. They become repeatedly frustrated because they failed to adequately prepare. Common missing yet essential elements are contained in the tutorial. They include the ability to: 

  • reform or upgrade their mindset.
  • simplify swing mechanics.
  • alter practice protocols.
  • develop troubleshooting ability.
  • create better playing strategies.

These can be relearned. However it can cost a significant amount of time and money because it requires professional guidance. This tutorial solves the time, money, and professional guidance issues. It’s time-efficient, economical, and it works.This tutorial is based on working with and observing thousands of golfers over the past 22 years. Here are just a few of my significant takeaways:


  • When golfers have a structured plan with follow-up, most succeed.
  • Many golfers go weeks or months without practice and wonder why they are not consistent players.
  • Golfers are part of the general population who sit too much and move too little.
  • Nearly all golfers equate practice with hitting range balls.
  • When golfers are given 4-minutes of specific daily training, they will do it.
  • Golfers with a plan for their game feel more optimistic even after a disappointing round.
  • Most golfers feel insecure about their golf performance and fear embarrassment.
  • Many golfers are not very competitive but allow themselves to get drawn into tournaments, competitive play, and comparing scores with others.
  • Golfers with a good mindset can laugh at themselves and embrace their playing errors.

The 6-week Tutorial Draws Upon 22 Years of Experience

Beginners as well as those who struggle to break 100 can benefit. It provides fundamental instruction. Additionally, the step-by-step stroke building will help you avoid common swing errors. The tutorial contains information rarely addressed in conventional lesson settings yet essential for success. While it is relatively self-paced, participants are not be entirely on their own. They get coaching and support. Leverage my experience. education, and training for awesome results. View my bio here.

Golf is a lifetime sport. You don’t have to settle for frustrating or insecure playing experiences. Playing golf can add tremendous positive experiences to your life, expand your opportunities, and facilitate personal growth. You control the future of your game. Learn about the 6-week tutorial BETA launch on February 1st and get the BETA 40% discount until January 31st.


Marian Geist, LPGA Professional
Renditions Golf Course
Davidsonville, MD 20135