Online Golf Lessons Train You to Troubleshoot Your Game So You Can Stop Guessing or Searching for Answers. They Require Only a Phone with Video and an Internet Connection.

These 1-hour online golf lessons with Marian Geist can help you make significant improvements with just 4 minutes a day home/office practice.
Here’s what I do in each online golf lesson to help you become the expert of your game:

Before Lesson
Send instructions to email/text (2) swing videos to me from your phone or ipad.

During Lesson

Discuss your error patterns with you.
Analyze both swing LIVE frame-by-frame.
Identify the cause(s) of your errors.
Create a simple plan to upgrade your swing.
Detail a specific practice strategy.
Prescribe and demo movement drills.

After Lesson

Create and send a downloadable video of entire lesson + analysis.
(There’s no need to take notes or rely on your memory.)

  A Golfer’s Review (2019)

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The online lessons with the video analysis of my swing helped me visualize and understand what I was doing wrong and what I needed to do to train it. Your training videos and drills for at home practice were extremely helpful in improving my game. I was skeptical at first but now I am a firm believer in this type of instruction.

Marcia S., Florida

Become More Self-sufficient. Confidently Join Your Friends. Move Toward Your Potential. Here Are the Next Steps.


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Note: This lesson is only appropriate for those who have hit balls at the range or played at least 9 holes of golf. If you are brand new, feel free to “contact” me at the menu link above.