Taking Winter Golf Lessons Makes Sense


Young woman practices her golf swing on driving range, view from behindSo you went to the driving range a few times and while some balls barely dribbled off the mat, you decided you wanted to learn to play the game.

One problem … baby, it’s cold outside. Your first thought might be to wait until spring and sign up for lessons.

But the good news is you can start right now.   No need to procrastinate with this decision or add to the “to do” list.


3 Reasons Starting Right Now Makes Sense:


 1. You can save time.

New golfers need to practice the fundamentals of swinging indoors — avoids the weather factor. Might as well take advantage of common winter activities like watching extra television on those long, cold evenings. Multitask and enjoy the luxury of grooving your swing during commercial breaks.

Complete daily practice without leaving your family room or making a separate entry in your day planner.

2. You can save money.

In the long run, concentrating on perfecting your motion without hitting balls will avoid unwelcome extra lesson fees. Repeating the correct motion over and over will avoid future hitches and constant tweaking.

Save those lesson fees for tee times and golf vacations.

3. You advance faster as a player.

By the time the birds start chirping, you will have your swing ready for the first golf event of the season.

Confidently join your friends without fear of embarrassment.


Game Plan to Jump Start Your Game for April Tee Times:


Winter golf lessons will have your ready for Spring tee times– Learn and understand the correct movements of a good golf swing.

– Repeat these movements — 5 minutes a day — without a golf club until they can be done with great speed and little to no thinking.

– Add a golf club. Repeat these movements. Watch out lamps!

– When weather allows, hit some balls at the range with your instructor.

– Finally, venture out with your patient friends or favorite instructor and experience playing the golf course. Transitioning from hitting balls at the driving range to playing on a golf course is a big accomplishment. Congratulations!

                                   Learning to play golf need not be be intimidating or overwhelming.                                                             With a good plan and the commitment to improve, you can be well on the way to your first birdie!