Junior Golf Instruction

Over the past 20 years I have found that:

Children under the age of 10, learn better with mom, dad, a grandparent, etc. Junior-adult lessons are particularly beneficial for these young children. After the age of 10, juniors learn best with their peers. So, a 30-Minute lesson with a friend or a make-your-own-junior group of 4 for an hour of instruction are the best options for this age group.

Let’s discuss teenagers. While many would rather learn by themselves or with a friend or two, junior-adult lessons are ideal for relationship building. Plan some quality time with your teenager without a cell phone in their hands or yours. With a few junior-adult lessons under your belts, you can go have some fun together on the golf course.

Private Lessons

Up to 2 Juniors (7-17 y.o) 30-Minute Lesson — $40
Up to 2 Juniors + Adult 45-Minute Lesson — $95
Junior plus up to 3 friends or relatives 60-Minute Lesson–$110

Note: Audio/video notes included.

5 Week Junior Bubble Package (7-17 years old) — $249

This compressed training is designed to make your junior golfer more capable and confident on the golf course while having fun. Package must be completed 7 weeks from the first lesson — otherwise the benefits of compression are lessened. Notes: Audio/visual lesson notes included with each lesson

TWO 45-minute lessons
ONE 90-minute playing lesson

For an additional $50, an adult can do a BUBBLE PROGRAM with their junior. Fun! GO HERE FOR DETAILS.

Be A Player Junior Group Starting In June TBA

Youngsters are VERY busy these days. Scheduling an individual lesson or a private lesson with a friend or two provides the best scheduling options for parents. Beginning in June we will offer a Thursday evening program for juniors 10-17. There will be a range/practice area instruction session and an on course session for juniors who have developed some swing skills. Use button below to indicate your interest. Please put “BE A PLAYER” in the “message” box along with the names and ages of your juniors.

Services Provided By

Marian Geist
LPGA Teaching Professional
National Academy of Sports Medicine-CPT
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

Questions? Please text 833-465-3911 or email marian@yourgolfsolutions.com


Marian Geist
LPGA Teaching Professional
NASM-CPT, Corrective Exercise Specialist
1380 W. Central Ave.
Davidsonville, MD 21035
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