Junior Golf Lessons At Renditions Golf Course In Davidsonville, MD

Age Guidelines And Junior Golf Lessons

Junior golf lessons can positively affect self-image. Therefore they can also enhance your child’s life in a very big way. Your son or daughter needs a great, memorable experience. For example, instruction needs to be fun yet deliver results. We offer various options based on age. Whether kids are just getting started or continuing to develop their game, these guidelines are meant as suggestions only since all children are unique. You know yours better than anyone else. These junior golf lesson offerings have something for every youngster who wants to explore the fun and benefits of playing golf. Feel free to contact me with specific questions.

Best Junior Golf Lessons For Those Under Age 10

Children under 10 learn best with either siblings, mom, dad, grandparent, etc. Therefore junior-adult lessons as well as private lessons for 2 are perfect for young children. If two or more siblings are learning together, the adult can hang out near the lesson area. It’s important to be visible and show interest to give them feelings of safety and security.

Instruction Options For Those 10 Years And Over

Preteens seem to learn best alongside their peers. So, a 30-minute junior lesson with a friend or a make-your-own-junior group of FOUR are the best options for this age group. These kids do very well in a small group learning atmosphere like the Be A Player Program.

Junior Golf Lessons For Teens

Now let’s discuss teenagers. Since many teens would rather learn by themselves or with a friend, sharing a 30-minute lesson with a close pal is a great option. On the other hand, even though teenagers may not admit they like hanging out with mom or dad, many do enjoy the company of their parents. Therefore junior-adult lessons can be ideal for relationship building.

Spending quality time with your teenager without a cell phones can have profound, positive effects on your relationship. And after a few lessons, you can go have some fun together on the golf course. Also, the 5-Week Bubble Program, with a golf course playing lesson, includes your junior (any age) for FREE. So, it’s a really great deal too.

Private Lessons

Up to 2 Juniors (7-17 y.o) 30-Minute Lesson — $40
Adult + up to 2 Juniors  45-Minute Lesson — $95
Junior plus up to 3 friends or relatives 60-Minute Lesson–$110

Note: Audio/video notes included.

5 Week Junior Bubble Package (7-17 years old) — $249

Compressed training will make your junior golfer more capable and confident on the golf course. Plus, they will have fun. The package should be completed 7 weeks after the first lesson.  Notes: Audio/visual lesson notes included with each lesson

TWO 45-minute lessons
ONE 90-minute playing lesson

For an additional $50, an adult can do a BUBBLE PROGRAM with their junior. Fun! Go Here For Details.

Be A Player Junior Group On Thursdays, June 6th – Sept. 5th

Youngsters are VERY busy these days. Scheduling a 30-minute individual lesson or a private lesson with friends provides the easiest options for parents. However, if Thursday evenings work into your family’s schedule, there is another fantastic choice. It’s the Be A Player Program.

This unique program consists of TWO different types of Thursday evening group sessions for juniors 10-17 years old. You may appeal the minimum age if your youngster is under 10 but is mature and motivated to learn. Purchase Here and Get Additional Information

Thursdays 6-7 PM (about 3/month) … schedule a range session here.
Range/practice area instruction sessions focus on developing the stroke skills necessary to move the golf ball to various targets using different types of clubs.

Thursdays 7-8:15 PM (about 3/month) … schedule an on-course session here.
The on-course sessions are for juniors who have already developed some swing skills and are ready to put them together on the golf course.

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