Junior Golf Lessons at Renditions Golf Course

Consider junior golf lessons for youngsters under 10 years old when a friend or family member can join them. They seem to really need attention and support from parents at this age.

These youngsters learn best with either siblings, parents and grandparents, or a special friend or two. You can take advantage of our adult-junior lessons or any of the private lesson options below. Our private lessons for juniors include another junior at no exrra cost. If you believe your child is ready, you may request an age exception to join the Be A Player Program. The ages for this program are 10-17. All decision will be based on a combination of maturity and skill level of the child. See details below about this program.

Preteens do very well in a variety of learning environments. Parents will know what junior golf lesson structure fits best for their preteen.

Preteens seem to learn best alongside their peers. So 30-minute junior lessons with a friend is ideal. Another great option is the make-your-own-junior group of UP TO FIVE JUNIORS 1-Hour lessons. And if you cannot supply your own group, we have one called the Be A Player Program (details below).

Here are some ideas for golf instruction for teenagers. Junior golf lessons can help a teen develop a special talent. The ability to play golf can serve them well throughout their college career and provide a great addition to any job application or resume.

Many teens would rather learn by themselves or with a friend. So sharing a 30-minute lesson with a close pal is a great option. Many teenagers may not admit they like hanging out with mom or dad. Secretly many do enjoy the company and support of their parents. 

So the ability to add up to TWO teenagers to your adult 45-minute lesson at no extra charge is another idea. Spending quality time together without cell phones can have a profound effect on your relationship. And after a few lessons, you can go have some fun together on the golf course.

Junior Private Lesson Options

Up to 2 Juniors (7-17 y.o) 30-minute lesson $50
Adult + up to 2 Juniors  45-minute lesson $95
Junior plus up to 4 friends or relatives 60-minute lesson $160
Junior or 2 Juniors 1+1/2-hour playing lesson $199

Note: Audio/video notes are included with all lessons.

Accelerated Junior Private Training Package for 7-17 year olds – $249 (regularly $349)

Compressed training will make your junior golfer more capable and confident on the golf course. Plus they will have fun. The package should be completed 7 weeks after the first lesson.  Notes: Audio/visual lesson notes are included with each lesson

THREE 30-minute lessons
ONE 90-minute playing lesson

For an additional $75, another junior or adult can be added to program. Fun! Go Here For Details.

‘Be A Player Junior Group Package on Thursdays, April 30th- Sept. 10th

Youngsters are VERY busy these days. Scheduling a 30-minute individual lesson or a private lesson with friends are often the easiest options for parents. However if Thursday evenings work into your family’s schedule, there is another fantastic choice. It’s the Be A Player Program.

This unique program consists of TWO different types of Thursday evening group sessions for juniors 10-17 years old. You can mix and match range and on course sessions whenever you want. You may appeal the minimum age requirement if your youngster is under 10 but is mature and motivated to learn.

Get additional info for single child  

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Skill Building Range Sessions on Thursdays at 6-6:45 PM
Range/practice area instruction sessions focus on developing the stroke skills necessary to move the golf ball to various targets using different types of clubs.
Non-member single session $20
Schedule a non-member range session here.

Playing Ability Course Sessions on Thursdays at 7-8:15 PM
The on-course sessions are for juniors who have already developed some swing skills and are ready to put them together on the golf course.
Non-member single session $35
Schedule a non-member on-course session here.

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