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Learning to Play Golf Can Be Fun and Help Youngsters Develop Confidence and Perseverance

Invest in junior golf lessons and introduce your youngsters ages 7-17 to a lifetime sport. They can have fun, enjoy being active, and develop problem-solving skills and confidence to last a lifetime.

NOTE: Audio/video lesson notes included with each private lesson.

Not sure how to begin? Regardless of skill level, I recommend:

  • scheduling a 1/2-hr private lesson or
  • sharing a 1/2-hour private lesson with a friend/sibling
  • and then asking for suggestions after the lesson as to how to proceed

Private Lesson Options

Junior 1/2-hour private or shared lesson for up to 3 children — $50 
This lesson is perfect for siblings and friends. Clubs can be provided if requested at the time of booking (in the “Notes” box.)
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Adult + junior  3/4-hour private lesson — $95
One adult and junior (age 7-17) share this lesson.  Enjoy building golf memories with your junior golfer. Clubs can be provided if requested at the time of bookin (in the “Notes” box.)
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1-hour lesson for your group of 2-3 juniors — $100
This 1-hour junior group lesson is perfect for children of any skill level. Clubs provided if requested when booking this lesson (in the “Notes” box.)
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These Two Learning Programs Offer a Private Instruction and On Course Playing Experience

2022 Junior Intro Program

If your child wants to try golf, this is a great start. All sessions are private sessions. Your youngster (age 7-17) will get an amazing introduction to the game with a combination learning and playing. Juniors must have clubs for this program.

This program includes:
Five 1/2-hour private lessons
One 1-hour private playing lesson w/cart

Fee: $279 (if purchased separately $350)

2022 Adult-Junior Training Program 

This program is for (1) junior ages 7-17 AND (1) adult. It will help both golfers be capable and confident on the golf course. Build memories and have fun developing your games together. Both of you will improve. For best results, compress your training by completing package within 10 weeks. Using this strategy, golfers stay on track with their practice and improve faster. Audio/visual lesson notes are included with each lesson. All lessons expire on 10/31/22.

(4) .75 hour lessons ($380)
(1) 1.5 hour playing lesson ($198)

Fee: $399 (regularly $578) 

2022 Junior ‘YGS’ Discount Membership (limited offer) – Sorry No Longer Available! Updated 8/2/22


This ‘YourGolfSolutions’ discount membership is available to junior golfers (10-17) who want to learn and develop their game. The annual membership fee is $79 plus FIFTY prepaid credits, valued at $5 each, which you can use for a variety of instruction sessions at discounted rates (shown below). Select the combination that fits your child’s game and preferences.

Got more than one youngster? You may use your credits for any child with one membership per family. If you use all of your prepaid credits, you may purchase additional services at the member discounted rate on a pay as you go basis. You will be provided a pay link once the application is accepted.


Private and semi-private lessons with member vs non-member fees
  • Junior .5-hour private lesson for 1-3 juniors — 8 credits/$40 — $50 non-member fee
  • Adult/Junior .75-hour private lesson — 14 credits/$70 — $95 non-member fee
  • 1-hour private lesson for 2-3 juniors — 16 credits/$80 — $100 non-member fee
  • 1-hour private playing lesson — 16 credits/$80 — not available for non-members
  • 1+1/2-hour private playing lesson — 24 credits/$120 — $198 non-member fee
Small group sessions with member vs non-member fees for qualifying members (plz see application for details)
  • 1-hour Adult COED Clinic — 4 credits/$20
  • WOMENS ONLY Clinic — 4 credits/$20 — $35 non-member fee
  • ONE space in a 1.5 hour 3-some adult group playing lesson — 8 credits/$40 — $70 non-member fee
Enroll and schedule your first session today
  • This membership is $329 and includes a $79 registration fee.
  • The online scheduler will debit the credits in your package each time you schedule a session.
  • If you cancel a session with at least 12 hours notice, the scheduler will add the credits back into your package.
  • The membership is non-refundable.
  • Due to medical reasons only, golfers may transfer unused package credits to another junior (who is approved by Marian Geist) before 9/30/22. 
  • A maximum of 2 sessions using original program credits may be used during October 2022. 
  • All unused credits expire on 10/31/22.

Fee: $79 membership fee +$250 in credits … $329

Services Provided By

Marian Geist
LPGA Professional
National Academy of Sports Medicine-CPT
NASM Corrective Exercise Specialist

Text 833-465-3911 or
email marian@yourgolfsolutions.com