Junior Golf Lessons Frequently Asked Questions

Why Are There So Many Changes To The 2019 Junior Program?

Actually much has remained the same. Every year I review what worked and could have worked better. Then, I make changes so that the program improves year after year.

Is Laurie Teaching Again This Year?

Laurie was a golf student of mine in 2008. Three years later I encouraged her to make application to the LPGA and mentored her. She has been part-time since 2012 working around her middle school teaching position. She no longer has availability to work.

Why Did the Minimum Age To Participate In The Junior Group Program Go From 7 Years Old To 10 Years Old?

We make opportunities for younger juniors in our private lessons, “make your own group of 4” lessons, and adult-junior lessons. We are now gearing our program towards juniors who want to improve and perhaps be able to make their high school or college golf team in the future. It’s nearly impossible to meet the needs of those juniors as well as the needs of the 7, 8, and 9 year-olds who are wanting to give golf a try. Therefore, we can now accommodate both in our variety of offerings.

Are You Willing To Make An Exception For My 8 y.o. To Participate In Group?

Yes, absolutely. You may schedule a private junior lesson or adult-junior lesson with me. During the lesson I will evaluate the junior and can determine whether she/he would be a fit in the group session. Age is a general guide. Other factors such as skill level, maturity, ambition, and behavior factor into the decision.

What Is Your Cancellation Policy?

For all junior lessons — individual and group — I require 12 hours notice. For LESSONS canceled with less than 12 hours notice, you may be charged 50% of the lesson fee. For group sessions canceled with less than 12 hours notice, you may be charged the entire fee. In case of unforeseen emergency, please contact me. 

Can My Child Participate In The On Course Group?

If he/she is at least 10 y.o. and has been with us for instruction at least a couple of years, yes. All other juniors will need to first take at least one group session or private lesson during which they will be evaluated. 

Will You Have Golf Clubs For My Child?

A child must have his/her own clubs, balls, and tees to participate in the on course group lessons. I will have some clubs for the juniors in the practice area group lessons. I cannot guarantee the proper size for very small juniors. I recommend Dukes Golf in Annapolis for junior clubs. Tom and Kevin are awesome.

May I Just Email You That My Child Cannot Make Scheduled Appointment?

Please use my online scheduler to schedule, reschedule, or cancel sessions. Only if it is less than 12 hours before the session, do I want to be contacted. Sorry, I just don’t have time to manually handle session changes. My scheduler is mobile friendly so please bookmark scheduler web address. My cancellation policy (above) applies.

Are You Willing To Make Other Policy Exceptions?

I am always open to new ideas. If it is something I can alter and make available to all juniors and their parents, then yes I will make exceptions. Sorry, I won’t make exceptions for only one or a few — even if you are my very favorite parents or juniors. But if I can make it for everyone, then I will. I sleep better at night that way.

How Does The “Be A Player Program” Work?

Method #1 — Get an extreme discount by prepaying for 7 sessions $20×7 = $140 for one child or $35×7 = $245 total for multiple children. Here is the pay link for this. Once you pay the scheduler will automatically deposit the session credits in your account. Then go to the session dates and schedule your child(ren) until the credits are exhausted. You may pay for extra sessions at the discounted rate. 

Method #2 — You may schedule your child(ren) into single sessions by paying the non-discounted session fee. You may schedule as many or as few sessions as you wish.

Applies to both methods — You may schedule for group range sessions. To schedule for the on course sessions, you either must have taken instruction with us for 2 summers or be approved during either a private lesson or a Be A Player Group Session. 

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