Junior Golf Lessons Frequently Asked Questions

What is available for youngsters in 2022?

Junior golf has exploded since the pandemic. The focus this year is getting junior golfers to practice in between sessions. All junior offerings are for youngsters ages 7-17.

Why is 7 years old the minimum age to participate in private junior lessons?

Children younger than 7 generally prefer, enjoy, and need their parents involvement to be interested and feel secure. However if your 4-6 year old is extremely motivated to play golf and has spent a bit of time at the range or putting green, you may schedule and initial private lesson. During the session, a parent will need to hang out in the lesson area. Afterwards we can decide whether to do additional sessions. Again, the focus this year is on developing junior golfers. If golf lessons are just activities to fill your youngsters schedule and there will be no practice going on at home, then I am not a good choice for a golf instructor.

My child is younger than 7. May he/she participate in the group clinics?

In the past 11 years there has been an exception or two. Generally, youngsters under age 7 require more individual supervision and that detracts from the other group members. If you feel that your 4-6 year old is mature beyond their years, please schedule a junior 1/2 private lesson. During the lesson, I will be able to determine whether your child would be a good fit for a group environment. If not you might consider a junior discount membership, then only schedule private lessons.

What is the cancellation policy for junior lessons and group sessions?

For all private and group junior lessons — 24 hours is requested and 12 hours notice is required for refunds. For lessons canceled with less than 12 hours notice, you may be charged 50% of the lesson fee. For group sessions canceled with less than 12 hours notice, you may be charged the entire fee. Life happens sometimes! So in case of an unforeseen emergency, we can discuss. The scheduler sends a confirmation email and two reminder emails. Please check your inbox. Better yet put the lessons on your calendar! There is NO penalty for canceling with more than 12 hours. If you have a crazy busy life, consider scheduling same day lessons.

My child does not have golf clubs. What should I do?

There are some clubs available. Proper size cannot be guaranteed for very small juniors. You MUST REQUEST in advance your desire to borrow clubs in the “Notes to Marian” box when scheduling. Please include whether your child is right or left-handed, age and height. When you are ready to buy clubs, I recommend Dukes Golf in Annapolis for junior clubs. Owners Tom and Kevin are awesomely helpful..

My child is new to golf. What is the best first step?

A range/putting clinic or a .5-hour private lesson with a friend or two are the most economical options. I would not recommend purchasing a learning program or discount membership until after an initial experience.

My child is not very athletic. Is prior sport experience necessary to play golf?

I’ve  heard this from many parents over the years. Prior sport experience is helpful at any age when learning golf but is not required. Many “non-athletic” type youngsters do very well at golf.

My child is shy. Could he/she thrive in the group sessions?

Yes, I would say so. Golf is an individual sport. Even when learning in a small group, it is mostly an indivdual experience. Especially in a range/putting clinic, there is far more instructor-golfer interaction than golfer-golfer interaction. Each youngster is focused on their own process. There is a bit more golfer-golfer communication during the putting portion. Most youngsters actually enjoy this part of the clinic.

May I notify you by email that my child cannot make his lesson?

Email Marian@yourgolfsolutions.com or text me (833.465-3911) only if you are canceling with less than 12 hours. Otherwise please use the online scheduler to schedule, reschedule, or cancel sessions. Sorry I cannot handle manual changes. The scheduler is mobile friendly and available 24/7 so please bookmark the scheduler web address. You may also use the BOOK NOW menu item on this web site to access the online scheduler. Please see the cancellation policy above.

Are you willing to make exceptions to other rules and policies?

I am always open to new ideas. If it is something I can alter and make available to all juniors and their parents, then yes I will make exceptions. Sorry, I cannot make exceptions for only one or a few — even if you are my very favorite parents or juniors. If I can make it for everyone, then I will.

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