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Offered At Renditions GC For Over 12 Years
1-Hour Small Group Sessions
For Ages 17+ Years (younger with prior approval)
Benefits All Skill Levels
Clubs Provided As Needed
Short Game & Full Swing Instruction and Practice
Weekends and Weekday Mornings/Evenings
April Through October
Fee $35
(with Senior Discount Plan $20)

This Group Instruction Is Unique

Group golf instruction differs from instructor to instructor. Usually the instructor covers his agenda about a particular aspect of learning to play golf. Then the participants attempt to perform the newly taught task. Communication is usually one way — from instructor to golfers. In the next session a different topic is addressed. And so on. This continues over x number of sessions and typically covers basic instruction. This typical scenario works best when all attendees have similar skill levels and need basic instruction. 

However Practrans sessions are very different. Once a golfer swings a golf club, successful group golf instruction requires individualized feedback and error correction. Additionally, most people are too busy to commit an evening a week or every Saturday morning to golf lessons.

Therefore, committing to a certain number of sessions is not required at Renditions GC . Group instruction is designed as stand alone sessions. Therefore they must provide stand alone value. And they do.  In fact, they are appropriate for all amateur skill levels. Move your game forward by scheduling one of these unique experiences.

You Get Individual Attention During Group Instruction

Everyone can get basic “how-to” instruction from a book or the internet. The real value of an instructor is to provide individual attention, information, and feedback so each golfer can improve their skills. So in each practrans, golfers get on-the-spot feedback and corrections to improve. Attendees say it’s much better than struggling through buckets of balls at the range and finally determining they need a golf lesson. Because by then, the bad swing habits have become more ingrained. the golfer is confused, frustrated, and stressed from their trial and error attempts. It’s much better to have an instructor identify your errors as you practice, improve on the spot, and show you how to train to be consistent over time.

Learn How To Practice For Best Results

Go to any golf driving range and observe golfers striking golf balls one right after the other. Plus they rarely move their feet, change clubs, or alter their target. Some even spend hours and go through several buckets of balls. Most every golfer has done this. Me too. But that was years decades ago and before I understood how counterproductive it is. Beating ball after ball can be fun. It can relieve stress. But does it result in a better golf game? No. It makes a golfer’s current swing more permanent. So unless your golf swing is exactly the way you want it (congratulations if that’s the case), it’s a good idea to limit driving range experience. That is unless your instructor is present to give you feedback and guidance. This is what you’ll get in Practrans sessions. At the end of each session, you will know exactly what you need to train at home. There is no substitute for at home training. Nothing. Not even a Practrans.

Upcoming Coed PRACTRANS Sessions


  • Wed, July 24th, 7-8 PM
  • Sun, July 28th, 4-5 PM
  • Sat, Aug. 3rd, 9-10 AM
  • Sun, Aug. 11th, 5-6 PM
  • Wed, Aug. 14th, 6:30-7:30 PM
  • Sat, Aug. 31st, 9-10 AM
  • Sun, Sept. 8th, 12-1 PM
  • Sat, Sept. 14th, 9-10 AM
  • Sun, Sept. 22nd, 12-1 PM
  • Sat, Oct. 12th, 10-11 AM
  • Sun, Oct. 20th, 12-1 PM
  • Sat, Oct. 26th, 10-11 AM (final 2019 session)

   The Best Golf Instruction Covers More Than The Golf Swing

As you may already know, playing golf requires more than honing full swing mechanics. It also requires the ability to use all the clubs in your bag. In addition, proper setup procedures, the ability to aim at a specific target, make various short game shots, etc. are important. Plus on the golf course a golfer will rarely use the same club twice in a row — except the putter. So a major contrast between practice and play is that many golfers hit more range balls in 30 minutes than they will in 4 hours on the golf course. Therefore practice should focus more on quality and less on quantitiy. And as in all other sports, the best practice simulates playing conditions whenever possible.

Shorten Your Learning Curve And Become The Expert Of Your Own Game

Relax! You will still get to hit many balls and execute many drills in these sessions. Most importantly, however, you will learn your swing errors, what to do about them, and how to practice in order to successfully transfer your skills to the golf course. Doesn’t it make sense that all the time, effort, and finances you invest in your golf game should yield satisfying results? Group golf instruction at Renditions GC can help you shorten your learning curve, get the results you want, and feel like you are in control. You no longer have to struggle alone and guess your way through your range practice sessions. Plus you don’t have to settle for inconsistent play anyore either. I promise.

Extra Insights Into Practrans
Group Golf Instruction And Practice Sessions    (Video 4:24)

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