Senior Golf Instruction Discount Program

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Learn to leverage your aging body with senior golf instruction

Golfers over 50 often experience significant movement challenges. Many complain about aging and sometimes stiff ankles, knees, hips, neck, and upper back. However with proper training, seniors can build a more powerful, consistent swing. Additionally they can avoid injuries. Furthermore when you move better, many normal daily activities become easier. Participate as a discount member by purchasing the package. Otherwise feel free to attend as a non-member by scheduling as few or as many sessions as you wish. 

SAVE 21-35% with the 2020 Discount Membership for Golfers 50+

This senior golf instruction discount membership is available to men and women 50 and older. Pay a $79 membership fee and save 21-36% all season long. Schedule as many or as few sessions as you like. Discounts are available on group lessons and many private lessons too. All senior golf instruction is scheduled online. Other services may be added during the season. You will save at least 25% on them too!


    Women Only 1/2-hour Group Trainings $30.00 $20 (4 credits)
    Coed Group 1/2-hour Instruction and Training Sessions $30.00 $20 (4 credits)
    1-hour Specialty On-Course Clinics $60.00 $40 (8 credits)
    Group 1+1/2-hour Playing Lessons $65.00 $45 (9 credits)


    30-Minute Private Lessons $65.00 $40 (8 credits)
    45-Minute Private Lesson $95.00 $60 (12 credits)
    1-hour Putting PhD Instruction $120.00 $80 (16 credits)
    1-hour Specialty On-Course Lesson $130.00 $90 (18 credits)

Join in the fun as a non-member or buy the discount package. Feel welcomed in our senior golf instruction program either way!

Playing Lessons Include Cart Fee


  • $79 enrollment fee
  • $140 account credit to be used for any combination of group or individual lessons
  • Additional group trainings or indvidual lessons may be purchased at the discounted rate through October 2020.