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Until September 30, 2021


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Give a golf lesson gift certificate to someone special. The benefits of your gift may last a lifetime.

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Text: 833-465-3911
Email: marian@yourgolfsolutions.com

How does this 2021 Seasonal Membership actually work?

Your gift recipient will have an account with a fully paid membership fee for the entire 2021 golf season (March through October). Plus they will already have 40 credits to schedule a variety of private or group golf lessons. Each credit has a $5 value. Credits will be applied when scheduling a lesson against the discount member rate. This rate is anywhere from 25-35% off the non-member rate.

How many credits does each golf lesson cost?

Example 1: A 1/2-hour private lesson with audio/video takeaway notes is $65. The member rate is $50 which is 30% off. This lesson would cost TEN $5 credits. These 10-credits would be debited from the golfer’s account when scheduling the lesson.

Example 2: A 1-hour group lesson which includes golf balls (and clubs if needed) for non-members is $39. The member fee is $25 (36% off) and would be FIVE $5 credits.

What happens if the golfer uses all but 5 credits and want to schedule a lesson which costs 10 credits?

When they attempt to schedule the lesson. It will indicate that they do not have enough credits. They just email me. I schedule the lesson for them and collect the balance at lesson time. Then their account shows 0 credits. Since they still have the discount membership for the entire season, the golfer can still schedule lessons and sessions at the discounted rate. They just pay via credit card at time of scheduling.

Can I get my child a Junior Accelerated Training Package now and add another junior at a later date?

Sure. When your son or daughter is ready to get started, text Marian at 833-465-3911. She will make payment arrangements and get info on the other junior prior to the first lesson. Whether the added junior pays you the $50 or pays you half of the entire package fee is up to you. You all can work that out.

How will the recipient know how to access their account and credits?

I don’t do this until I hear from the recipient. Otherwise it might spoil the surprise. Each E-cert has the instructor’s contact info. As soon as the golfer makes contact, the account is setup, the credits are posted, and they are ready to schedule!

Why does my credit card statement show Follow Through Inc.?

Because that is the business name.

May I purchase a 2021 Seasonal Membership for my junior golfer?

Sorry, this is only an adult membership. Junior lessons are already discounted.

May I purchase a 2021 Seasonal Membership for myself?

Absolutely, it’s a great idea to treat yourself! Just indicate this on your E-cert Order Form. Your account can be setup right away.

Adult Private Lesson GC

Adult 1/2 Private Lesson at Renditions GC 
This lesson is perfect as an introductory lesson.  It makes a great follow-up to a previous in-person or online lesson. Audio/video notes included.
Purchase Now $65

Adult 3/4-Hour Lesson at Renditions GC
There is generally plenty of time to work on a few different strokes i.e full swing and chipping, etc. Audio/video notes included. A junior golfer may be included at no extra charge.
Purchase Now $95 



Adult Shared Lessons GC

(1) Reservation in a 1-hour Group Lesson at Renditions GC 
These group lessons (2-6 golfers) are scheduled on evenings and weekends. This is an economical way to move someone’s game forward or get introduced to golf. Clubs are available if needed.  
Purchase Now $39

Two Adults 1-Hour Lesson at Renditions GC 
This shared lesson is a great experience for friends and relatives. All skill levels are welcome. Video notes included.
Purchase Now $130

3-5 Adults 1.5 Hour Lesson at Renditions GC 
This group lesson is perfect for friends and co-workers. You do NOT have to be of similar skill levels. Video notes included.
Purchase Now $295


Adult Playing Lessons

Adult 1.5 Hour Playing Lesson at Renditions GC 
This 1.5 hour private playing lesson includes cart/course fees. Available during evenings. This is a perfect selection for golfers who want better playing skills. Video notes included.
Purchase Now $199

2-3 Adults in a 1.5 Hour Playing Lesson at Renditions GC 
This playing lesson takes place during the evening hours. This is perfect for a group of friends or family who often play together.  You do NOT have to be of similar skill levels. The lesson is designed around each person’s requests. Video notes included.
Purchase Now $199


Junior Lessons for Ages 7-17

Junior 1/2 Private or Shared Lesson at Renditions GC 
This lesson includes up to 2 juniors and is perfect for siblings or friends. Audio/video notes with practice prescription will be emailed to parents within 24 hours after the lesson.
Purchase Now $50

Junior Group Lessons

Junior 1-Hour Group (3-5 juniors) Lesson at Renditions GC 
This 1-hour junior group lesson is perfect for friends and siblings. Clubs are provided if needed. Video notes are included.
Purchase Now $160

Junior Playing Lessons

Junior 1.5 Hour Playing Lesson at Renditions GC 
This includes cart fees. It takes place after twilight tee time. You may add a second junior for no extra charge. It’s perfect for kids who want to make their high school team someday.
Purchase Now $199