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Adult Private Lessons GC

Adult 1/2-Hour Private Lesson at Renditions GC 
This lesson is perfect as an introductory lesson.  It makes a great follow-up to a previous in-person or online lesson. Audio/video notes of suggested practice drills included.
Purchase Now $65

Adult 3/4-Hour Lesson at Renditions GC
There is generally plenty of time to work on a few different strokes i.e full swing and chipping, etc. Includes video swing analysis, audio/video clips of lesson highlights, and suggested practice drills emailed to you. A junior golfer may be included at no extra charge.
Purchase Now $95 


Adult Shared Lessons GC

One Reservation in a 1-Hour Group Lesson at Renditions GC 
These group lessons (maximum 6 golfers) are scheduled on evenings and weekends. This is an economical way to move someone’s game forward or get introduced to golf. Clubs are available if needed.
Purchase Now $39

Adults 1-Hour Shared Lesson for 2-3 Friends/Relatives at Renditions GC 
This shared lesson is a great experience for friends and relatives. All skill levels are welcome. Video notes included.
Purchase Now $140

1.5-Hour Lesson for 3-5 of Your Friends/Relatives at Renditions GC 
This group lesson is perfect for friends and co-workers. You do NOT have to be of similar skill levels. Video notes included.
Purchase Now $295

Adult Lesson Packages

Adult Starter Program
Become a better golfer quickly. You will get the basics right so you can become a better golfer quickly. This is perfect for new players or those scoring more than 100 for 18 holes. This compressed training delivers results. Begin with a 1/2-hour lesson. Afterwards lesson spacing recommendations will be given. All lessons expire 10/31/22.

FOUR 1/2-hour private lessons (reg $260)
ONE 1-hour playing lesson includes cart and golf course fees (reg. $130)
Audio/video notes for suggested practice drills are included with lessons

Fee: $295 (regularly $390) 

Purchase Now $295

Share A Program for 2 Adult Golfers
All SIX lessons are private sessions for 2 adults.  There are FIVE shared practice area lessons for 2 and ONE 1+1/2-hour playing lesson for 2. The two participants do not need to have similar skill levels. This is a perfect package for friends, family, and colleagues. Begin with a 3/4-hour lesson for 2. Afterwards recommendations for lesson spacing will be offered. This package covers instruction, video analysis, video clips of suggested practice drills, club usage if needed, range ball, course, and cart fees for both adults. All lessons expire 10/31/22.

FIVE 3/4-hour private shared lessons for 2 adults  (reg $575)
ONE 1+1/2-hour playing lesson includes cart/course fees (reg. $298)
Audio/video notes included with lessons.

Fee: $565 or $282.50/golfer (regularly $873 or $436.50/golfer) 

Purchase Now $565

Adult-Junior Training Program
This program is for (1) junior ages 7-17 AND (1) adult. It will help both golfers be capable and confident on the golf course. Build memories and have fun developing your games together. Both of you will improve. For best results, compress your training by completing package within 10 weeks. Using this strategy, golfers stay on track with their practice and improve faster. Audio/visual lesson notes are included with each lesson. All lessons expire on 10/31/22.

FOUR 3/4-hour lessons ($380)
ONE 1+1/2-hour playing lesson ($198)

Fee: $399 (if purchased separately $578)
Purchase Now $399

Adult Playing Lessons

Adult 1.5 Hour Playing Lesson at Renditions GC 
This is a very unique gift! This 1.5 hour private playing lesson includes cart/course fees and an edited video about the issues addressed and corrections. Available during evenings — after the twilight tee times. This is a perfect selection for golfers who want better playing skills or increased confidence. Video notes included.
Purchase Now $198

Junior Lessons for Ages 7-17

Junior 1/2 Private or Shared Lesson at Renditions GC 
This lesson includes up to 3 siblings or friends of any skill level. Audio/video notes with practice prescription will be emailed to parents within 24 hours after the lesson.
Purchase Now $50

Junior Group Lessons

Junior 1-Hour Group (3-8 juniors) Lesson at Renditions GC 
This 1-hour junior group lesson is perfect for friends and siblings of all skill levels. Clubs are provided if needed. Video notes are included.
Purchase Now $150