Get in the Game. Be Your Best. Stay in the Game.

Marian Geist, LPGA Teaching Professional
BSc Kinesiology – MSc Exercise Science
National Academy of Sports Medicine –  CPT
Corrective Exercise Specialist






“I am a 64 year old male golfer that first went to Marian (recommended by another golfer) back in 2013. I am a frequent participant in Marian’s Rockers (over 50) program. Her knowledge, demeanor, and creativity have taken me from a hack to someone who is now consistently shooting in the 80’s. Marian has coached me thru bad habits and back pain, while also increasing my mental approach to golf. Marian has helped enhance every aspect of my game thru her innovative programs. Her on-course lessons are phenomenal. She also tailors in her teaching the proper physical facets for each individual which helps create longevity in the game. I have tried multiple golf pros, gimmicks, tricks over the years, and Marian’s approach has by far provided me with the most improvement and enjoyment in the game!”



Marian Geist is, by far, the most competent, passionate, and detailed golf instructor I have ever had the pleasure of taking lessons with. She takes the time to explain each part of a good golf swing, verbally and visually. She gives you exercises to work on to help you improve your golf swing and help your body move more flexibly for golf. She continues to study and improve her instruction capabilities with newly perfected technology and concepts. From a new golfer to a seasoned golfer, she has what it takes to help you improve your game. Best golf decision you could make!

MARIANNA RIZZO, South Carolina

I learn something every time I take a lesson and I have been taking lessons from Marian for I think 10 years. She doesn’t try to change everything in your swing in one lesson. She disects your entire body and swing and recommends ways to make you more efficient and better slowly. She has the patience of a Saint and never tires of you doing the same thing wrong over and over again. She takes each person individually in every group lesson and gives you plenty of attention and time even when there are 10 in the group lesson. I would highly recommend Marian Geist to anyone of any age! She is awesome!!!!!


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