LPGA Teaching Professional
National Academy of Sports Medicine – CPT
Corrective Exercise Specialist

Marian’s Story:  At the age of 19 and like many capable other-sport athletes, Marian thought golf would be an easy game to learn and master. It wasn’t. For almost a decade, she went to numerous instructors and golf schools seeking help. On the career front, she had established herself as a fitness and health professional — owning and operating a fitness facility, 7 weight loss centers, and later a private trigger point therapy practice treating golfers with pain. From these experiences, she learned firsthand that many golfers suffer with inconsistency and pain due to poor swing mechanics, muscle imbalances, and posture distortions.

Purpose: Marian became an LPGA Teaching Professional 20 years ago. Since then she has been helping golfers swing more efficiently and AVOIDING self-inflicted injury. She feels fortunate to have been educated, trained, and mentored by some amazing individuals — Dr. Jane Clark (UMD at College Park), Dr. Greg Rose (Titleist Performance Institute), Aaron Mattes (kinesiotherapist and originator of Active Isolated Stretching), among many others. 

Holistic Approach: Having personally incurred and overcome injuries that typically curtail the ability to play, Marian helps golfers play better, enjoy, and stay in the game. As a hybrid fitness and golf professional, she personally uses and shares proven training techniques and exciting technological advances to disrupt physical/mental decline, reclaim youthful athleticism, and resolve the stiffness and discomfort caused by aging and past injuries.

Marian’s Favorite Quote: “If anyone can do it, anyone can do it.”

Based On Experience: Marian believes that as golfer-athletes: our body and golf game do not remain the same — if we are not improving, then we are getting worse; we’re overloaded with excessive and contradictory golf instruction; most golfers have trained insufficiently to produce a consistent, effective swing; and many have denied themselves the joy of playing golf by perfectionism and comparisons with others.

Invitation: If you have been struggling or just settling for the same ol’, same ol’ … and want something better for yourself and your golf game, then try a new approach. Connect with me.

Education: BSc Kinesiology/MSc Exercise Science

Sisters4Fitness Wellness Show 

Sisters4Fitness Wellness Show (August 2018) with Stephanie Gaines – Bryant (host) and Cheryl Thomas (golfer-athlete)

I can help you understand your golf assets, your liabilities, and how to achieve what you want for your golf-health, golf-fitness, and your golf game. 
I hope you benefit by watching this video. It was so much fun to be with these two fabulous women (again).



Marian Geist
LPGA Teaching Professional
NASM-CPT, Corrective Exercise Specialist
1380 W. Central Ave.
Davidsonville, MD 21035
Call or Text: 833-465-3911





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