Marian Geist Can Help You Take These 3 Steps to Avoid Feeling Insecure About Your Golf Skills


  1. Create your wish list.
  2. Identify and prioritize the weak links in your golf game.
  3. Address the weaknesses systematically.

Marian spent 20 years as an amateur golfer. And like most she had no plan to reach her potential. She spent most of her time trying to repair her errors. This was pre-video era. Identifying the underlying source of swing problems was difficult. Marian approached her golf lessons with an my-swing-needs-fixing mentality. Usually the prescribed fixes worked but only temporarily. Sometimes after attending a lesson or golf school, new problem issues would arise. Her scores would be very good and then very horrible. She experienced little consistency from round to round. On her own she discovered a body-golf swing connection. She leveraged her education and fitness background to better her game by improving her posture, mobility, and stability.

Marian joined the LPGA in 1998. She has worked with thousands of golfers. She’s discovered that a large number of golfers expect lessons to be fix-it sessions. In fact many wait until their game is broken to schedule a lesson. Marian understands. She used to do that too. 

Now she offers golfers a more reliable, common-sense approach.  Marian helps them define what they want (wish list). She assesses and provides feedback about their current status. Together they discuss and pinpoint the most fundamental and weakest link in their current performance. This gets addressed first. Steady improvement follows.

Learn an Economical Way to Have Lasting Golf Success Even If You Are Short on Time and Money.

There’s no need to stay stuck or confused. Refuse to settle for disappointing golf performance. Disregard all thoughts that you’re already as skilled as you can ever be. Marian recognizes untapped potential in all clients.

If you’ve been searching YouTube for answers or taking tips from well-meaning friends, consider a new approach. You can become your own best coach. Really. Marian can show you how to do this in a few in-person or online lessons, with her online course, or in her private FB coaching group. Striving toward your golf potential can be exhiliarating and fun.

Your golf game is as unique as you are. Marian Geist can lead you to your answers. It’s time to believe in yourself and celebrate your future golf game.

BSc Kinesiology, MSc Exercise Science

LPGA Professional, NASM-CPT/Corrective Exercise Specialist, TPI, FMS Level 2 Certified