This Unique Online Golf Home Training with LIVE Support by Marian Geist, LPGA Professional, Will QuickStart Your Game in 30 Days.

  • Build practical, repeatable golf strokes step-by-step.
  • Improve your mobility so you can execute powerful, consistent swings.
  • Learn tricks of proper ball position, handling slopes, and managing your mind on the golf course for confident play.

Achieve Amazing Golf Gains Within the Next 30 Days Even If You Have Limited Time and Space.

These are challenging times for everyone. However there can be positive outcomes. And this could be a great time to transform your golf game. This 30-Day QuickStart Home Golf Training can help you play the kind of golf you’ve always imagined even if your progress has stalled. If you are a beginner, it will shorten your learning curve and help you avoid many of the mistakes most golfers make. If you are an experienced golfer and think you should be or can be better than you are, this program will likely connect the dots for you and provide what you’ve been missing.




30-Day QuickStart Review


30-Day Golf QuickStart Review
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BSc Kinesiology
MSc Exercise Science

LPGA Professional
NASM-CPT/Corrective Exercise Specialist
Titleist Performance Institute
Functional Movement Systems Level 2 Certified