2022 Discount Membership Packages

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Adult and junior discount membership lesson packages provide learning options, scheduling flexibility, and make improvement more affordable.

Most golfers want to play consistent golf. This is best accomplished through learning and practice consistency. Sometimes adult and junior golfers underperform or struggle with consistency due to physical issues.

These days many golfers are sedentary away from the golf course. Some deal with joint stiffness and/or chronic discomfort. However with the proper training, anyone can build a powerful, consistent golf swing.

Enroll now with a discount membership package and address the physical and mental keys to playing satisfying golf. Otherwise feel free to participate in as many sessions as you with at regular rates.

Discount membership packages are limited offers which may be withdrawn at any time without notice.

2022 Adult Discount Membership Package

If you have the interest, desire, and commitment to become a golfer and/or improve your game this program will give you plenty of scheduling options and save you money. Pay ONE membership fee ($97) and prepay for 50 credits ($250). Then schedule heavily discounted instruction to develop your golf skills and gain on course experience with your prepaid credits until 10/31/2022. 

  • Enroll with a $97 membership fee
  • Use prepaid credits to schedule discounted sessions/lessons
  • Current available services
    — 1-hr. COED group sessions ⇒ 5 credits/$25, save $14
    — 1-hr. WOMEN ONLY group sessions ⇒ 5 credits/$25, save $14
    — .5-hr. private lesson ⇒ 10 credits/$50, save $15
    — .75 hour private lesson ⇒ 15 credits/$75, save $20
    — 1 hour private lesson for 2-3 golfers ⇒ 20 credits/$100, save $40
    — 1.5-hr. group playing lesson ⇒ 10 credits/$50, save $25
    — 1.5-hr. private playing lesson ⇒ 30 credits/$150, save $48

$97 Membership Fee + $250 to prepay for FIFTY credits valued at $5 each = $347

2022 Junior Discount Membership Package

This membership is available to junior golfers (7-17) who want to develop their golf game. The membership fee is $79 plus FIFTY prepaid credits, valued at $5 each, which you can use for a variety of clinic and private instruction sessions at discounted rates (shown below). Select any combination that fits your child’s game and preferences.

Got more than one youngster? You may use your credits for any child with only one membership fee per family. If you use all of your prepaid credits, you may schedule additional sessions at the discounted member rate on a pay-as-you-go basis.

Note: Additional lesson and clinic options may be added during the season.

Small group sessions with member vs non-member fees
  • 1-hour Range/Putting Clinic — 4 credits/$20 — $35 non-member fee
  • ONE space in a 1.5 hour 3-some group playing lesson — 9 credits/$45 — $75 non-member fee
    (by invitation based on skill level and on a space available basis)
Private and semi-private lessons with member vs non-member fees
  • Junior .5-hour private lesson for 1-3 juniors — 8 credits/$40 — $50 non-member fee
  • Adult/Junior .75-hour private lesson — 14 credits/$70 — $95 non-member fee
  • 1-hour private lesson for 2-3 juniors — 16 credits/$80 — $100 non-member fee
  • 1-hour private playing lesson — 16 credits/$80 — not available for non-members
Enroll and schedule your first session today
  • This membership is $329 and includes a $79 registration fee.
  • The online scheduler will debit the credits in your package each time you schedule a session.
  • If you cancel a session with at least 12 hours notice, the scheduler will add the credits back into your package.
  • The membership is non-refundable.
  • Due to medical reasons only, golfers may transfer unused package credits to another junior (who is approved by Marian Geist) before 9/30/22. 
  • A maximum of 2 sessions using original program credits may be used during October 2022. 
  • All unused credits expire on 10/31/22.

Fee: $329 ($79 membership fee +$250 in credits)

If a discount membership package doesn’t fit for you or is no longer available, no problem!

You are welcome to build your skills AND your confidence as a non-member too.

Schedule a group session or a private lesson as a member or non-member!