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Golfers, regardless of age, often experience general movement challenges. Many describe themselves as sedentary or aged. Some deal with joint stiffness, muscle and joint injuries, or chronic discomfort. However with proper training, anyone can build a powerful, consistent swing. However be sure to learn and train correctly to avoid golf injuries. Training effectively can result in overall better movement and make normal daily activities seem easier. 

Many tour pros say that golf is 90-100% mental. I disagree. On the tour that may be true however not at the amateur level in my opinion. First and foremost it is important for the mind to have confidence in the body’s ability to perform. Then the mind needs to partner up. It must identify reasonable performance goals, create and follow a simple improvement plan, and demonstrate a willingness to accept that every error and disappointing performances are opportunities to grow and develop. This type of mindset is necessary for maximizing a golfer’s satisfaction.

Enroll now as a discount member. Otherwise feel free to particpate in as many sessions as you wish as a non-member. This discount membership is a limited offer which may end without notice.

SAVE 21-35% with the 2021 Member Discount Program


The fee below includes a $97 membership fee and $250 in lesson or session credits discounted 21-36%. All discount member golf instruction must be scheduled online. Just click the BOOK NOW menu option above. Other member services may be added during the season. If there is a charge, you will save at least 21-35% on them too!

Below is a listing of 2021 golf instruction. The regular non-member fee is listed first with a line through. It is followed by the discount member fee. As a discount member, 50 credits will be posted to your online account. Each credit has a $5 value. Every time a lesson or group session is scheduled it will debit the online account by the number of credits shown below.

Yes! If any member uses all 50 credits before the end of the season (Oct. 31st),  additional lessons or group sessions may be scheduled at the posted member discount rate.

Savings Samples

A. TEN 1-hr. group sessions (50 credits):
Member: 10 x $25 = $250
Non member: 10 x $39 = $390

B. THREE 1/2-hr. private lessons (30 credits) plus ONE 1-hr. private on-course specialty session (20 credits)
Member: 3x$50 + $100 = $250
Non member: 3x$65 + $130 = $325

NOTE: After 50 credits are used, members receive above discounts on all listed lesssons and groups sessions through October 31st, 2021.

Available Group and Individual Lessons


    Women Only 1-hour Group Trainings $39.00 $25 (5 credits)
    Coed Group 1-hour Instruction and Training Sessions $39.00 $25 (5 credits)
    1-hour Specialty On-Course Clinics $70.00 $50 (10 credits)
    Group 1.5-hour Playing Lessons $70.00 $50 (10 credits)


    0.5-hour private lesson $65.00 $50 (10 credits)
    0.75-hour private lesson $95.00 $70 (14 credits)
    1-hour Putting PhD lesson $120.00 $90 (18 credits)
    1-hour Specialty On-Course lesson $130.00 $100 (20 credits)
    1.5 hour playing lesson $198 $140 (28 credits) 

    1.25 hour online lesson and swing analysis $149 $105 (21 credits)

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Playing Lessons Include Cart Fee

2021 Member Discount Program Includes


  • $97 membership fee for 2021
  • FIFTY credits ($250 value) may be used for any combination sessions
  • Additional sessions may be purchased at discount rates through October 2021
  • Complimentary phone coaching consults by appointment
  • Assistance developing your personal golf improvement strategy
  • Fee $347