2019 Golf Longevity Master Training
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This 6-month one-on-one golf training program is your opportunity to become the master of your golf progress. Get the complete understanding of what needs to be Improved as well as the steps required. If you struggle with joint discomfort, or muscle stiffness and imbalances, these are adversely affecting your golf game. We can address them, if you want, so you can play powerful, consistent golf. (Video 2:47)

Program Designed and Delivered By
Marian Geist, Golf Longevity Specialist
LPGA Teaching Professional
National Academy of Sports Medicine – CPT
Corrective Exercise Specialist and LMT (FL)
BSc Kinesiology
MSc Exercise Science

I’ve worked with Marian over the past 15 years and she is an amazing golf instructor and coach. She has the ability to communicate golf instructions in a simple, clear and realistic manner that is easily understood and adoptable. In addition to instructing me on golf swing mechanics, she helps me diagnose my faults and understand how to fix them. This is a tremendous benefit when you’re playing golf and your game is falling apart. I can hear her voice saying “ When this happens, check this.” This mental exercise can stop my game from spiraling downward and give me the confidence to rebound. My game is much improved because of her coaching and my hard work.



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