2019 Golf Longevity Master Training (Pilot Program)
Begins January


My first one-on-one golf longevity training program is your opportunity to become the master of your golf destiny. Improve your game efficiently, address joint dysfunctions to avoid discomfort, stiffness, and the inability to play the powerful, consistent golf you desire. Plus, learn to identify the beginnings of neuro-musculo-skeletal issues and know what to do about them. (Video 2:47)

Program Designed and Delivered By
Marian Geist, Golf Longevity Specialist
LPGA Teaching Professional
National Academy of Sports Medicine – CPT
Corrective Exercise Specialist
Licensed Massage Therapist (FL)
BSc Kinesiology
MSc Exercise Science

I’ve worked with Marian over the past 15 years and she is an amazing golf instructor and coach. She has the ability to communicate golf instructions in a simple, clear and realistic manner that is easily understood and adoptable. In addition to instructing me on golf swing mechanics, she helps me diagnose my faults and understand how to fix them. This is a tremendous benefit when you’re playing golf and your game is falling apart. I can hear her voice saying “ When this happens, check this.” This mental exercise can stop my game from spiraling downward and give me the confidence to rebound. My game is much improved because of her coaching and my hard work.




Video (0:44)
What Is Golf Longevity Anyway

Golf Longevity describes the ability and desire to play golf for one’s lifetime. Golf requires investment of resources.

Unless golfers experience a rate of return on that investment, many sell their clubs or simply store them in a basement or garage. Are you getting the return on your investment that you deserve?

Video (3:17)
New Golfer Versus Skilled Golfer

The benefits of a personalized program are that you start where you are, you do only what you need, and you have all your personal constraints considered in your program design. New golfers usually need information. Skilled golfers usually have too much and conflicting information.

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Private Membership and FB Bonus

You will have a password to a private membership page on my web site to view relevant videos. Additionally for those on Facebook, you will have 6 months access to the videos there as well as 24/7 access to me for questions. Value $108.

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Who Can Benefit From This Program

This program isn’t for every golfer. There are still some under the notion that you must be positioned on a golf range with a golf instructor, making this and that adjustment while hitting a half bucket of balls to improve. Some may even have a tee time the next day and believe this lesson will work wonders. This program is not for them.

Video (4:56)
This Needs To Be All About You

Unless a golfer receives accurate feedback about his/her movement patterns, regular brief practice, and a way to correct imbalanced joints, learning to play or improving one’s game can be quite a struggle. For best results, instruction requires personalized feedback.

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Where Must I Live To Participate

Improvement results from proper movement training done at home or at the office. That’s what you will do in this program — no long commutes to lessons and no weather concerns. Instead you will have a clear, fun, efficient path to strive after your potential.

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Context of This Program Explained

OLD PARADIGM: How many lessons does this include, how many balls will I be able to hit, and how many holes am I going to play.

NEW PARADIGM: Help me to know how to get from my golf problems to my golf solutions for a lifetime of satisfying golf.


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Here Are The Next Steps To Enroll

Here is a summation of the steps necessary to enroll. Below you will find a registration button, payment button, as well as a contact form should you have any questions. Click and print the .pdf info sheet below if you wish.My goal is a TESTIMONIAL from you in the spring.

2019 Golf Longevity
Personalized Program


You may click this image to access .pdf to view larger image and for printing.

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